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About Project Shweet

Shweet is a simple SharePoint Foundation 2010 application that allows teams to do messaging and subscriptions in the style similar to twitter. Developed as an example application built for SharePoint using Pex and Moles for unit testing and Code Contracts.

Why did we create a simple twitter style app in SharePoint

This project was started to demonstrate development of a SharePoint 2010 application writing unit tests using Pex and Moles so that we can :-
  • Use Pex and Moles with Common SharePoint development
  • Help improve Pex and Moles with regards to SharePoint
  • Demonstrate a TDD approach with Pex
If you want to ask us anything about the project, have specific challenges or just want to talk ask why we did things the way we did you can contact us on twitter


2010-04-29 Shweet RTM Edition - updated build with RTM of SharePoint and latest Pex tools
2010-04-24 Pex Power Tools for Visual Studio 2010 launched
2010-04-19 Shweet gets its first public showing at SharePoint Evolution Conference.
2010-04-06 Shweet codeplex project published


Code Contracts
SharePoint 2010
Pex and Moles MSDN Forum

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