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The lib folder contains a number of very important assemblies that the Shweet project references. Initially we kept the source code for these libraries as part of the Shweet project however over time it became more common for these to be developed out of line of the main code and more in line with the updates to Pex and Moles releases.

Behaviours Project
Using the Behaviours project provided as part of the Pex samples we do the following steps
  • Strongly Name the assembly to allow it to be used by our SharePoint projects
  • Add Moles for the assemblies we need in addition to those used by the Behaviours project
    • Microsoft.SharePoint
    • Microsoft.SharePoint.Linq
    • mscorlib
    • System

Spliting the behaviours and moles into a dedicated solution enables your teams to make use of a common library that can be developed and enhanced as needed. It may be that on team/developer have the role of maintaining the Behaviours project and they have any additional request made to them by other teams/developers who are using it.
This enables you to get the benefit of behaviours early, without the need to train all developers in the details of how it works.

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