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Getting source and Building Shweet


  • SharePoint 2010 Foundation
  • Visual Studio 2010 (Professional edition or higher)
  • Pex and Moles (awaiting public release version information)

Note: The solution includes a simple Silverlight 4 example, we hope to build on this when Pex/Moles release support for Silverlight Unit Testing.

Getting source (snapshot)

To get the source just navigate to the Shweet project area on Code plex. From the home page of the of the Shweet project area click on the source code tab.

From here click on the Download button, this will down load a zipped up version of the latest source code. Extract the contents of the zip to a folder of your choice.

Getting source

Download a subversion client

Get a subversion client, below is a list of available clients :-

Building Shweet using Visual Studio 2010

  1. Locate the solution file by going to the folder <chosen directory location>\trunk\Shweet.
  2. Double clicking on solution file will start up visual studio and the automatically load the Shweet solution.
  3. Once the solution has built press Ctrl+B to build the solution or press F5 to deploy

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