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How to install Shweet


  • SharePoint 2010 Foundation - with rights to deploy a Farm based solution
  • You already have a web application and site collection available

After you have followed the How to get source and build Shweet instructions you should have the WSP which will be located in <Dir that Source was extracted to>\trunk\Shweet\src\Shweet.SPSolution\bin\Debug and should have the filename Shweet.SPSolution.wsp.

The Shweet solution is a farm based solution.

Deploying the Shweet WSP ensuring features are active

  1. Open a command prompt
  2. cd to the location of filename Shweet.SPSolution.wsp.
  3. Execute the command stsadm -o addsolution -filename Shweet.SPSolution.wsp (this will upload the solution to the SharePoint
  4. Open a browser to the central admin
  5. Click system settings->Manage farm solutions
  6. Use the UI to deploy the newly uploaded solution.
  7. Navigate to the root web on the site collection of your choice.
  8. Goto to the site settings admin page and in the Site collection features section and ensure the feature Shweet.SPSolution_Site is active.
  9. Goto to the site settings admin page and in the Site features section and ensure the feature Shweet.SPSolution Web is active.

Add web part to root page.

  1. Goto the root web page
  2. Put the web root page into edit mode.
  3. Click on the 'Add a Web Part' section and then from the Shweet categories list add the 'Shweet Writer' web part
  4. Repeat the above step for web parts 'Shweet Reader' and 'TeamsToFollow'

Once you have finished you'll now be able to start using Shweet, for a guide on using Shweet please goto How to use Shweet page.

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