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How to use Shweet

After you have Installed shweet, you should be to go.

Shweet is a simple twitter app for SharePoint you have three web part
  • Writer
Where the user types a message for on behalf of the team.
  • Reader
Where all messages are shown for the current team and any teams they are following
  • Teams to follow
Allows you to follow another team's shweet messages

Basic usage

Using the app is very simple, all you do is type your message that you wish to share with the world into the text box. You'll notice that the number of characters count will decrease as you type, when you reach 0 you'll no longer be able to type any more characters in. Once you have finished typing, and you are ready to send your message, simply the click on the 'Shweet' button and your new message will appear in the reader web part.

Team following

In your organisation you may have other teams that are using Shweet, and you have an interest in what those teams are doing. To follow a team you need to use the 'TeamToFollow' web part. This looks all site collections and sub-sites in order to find Shweet enabled sites. If it finds any, then the team's site will appear in the list with a check box next to it. To follow a team, or teams, you simply check the check box next to team(s) you wish to follow, and then click on the 'Follow' button. The shweets for the teams you have selected will start to appear in your reader web part.

Note: we have used Elevated Privileges to get the list of team as a way to demonstrate unit testing this functionality only.

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